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Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

We’re Different

Customized Care

At Kinnic Health Center we provide each resident with individualized care, focusing on their specific health profile.

Talented & Dedicated Team

Our devoted team of doctors, nurses, and therapists make Kinnic Health and Rehab the first choice for you or your loved one.

Driven By Excellence

At Kinnic Health Center there are no shortcuts when it comes to top quality care. We provided the highest caliber of care and rehabilitation.

State-of-the-art medical care with
a touch of family

Kinnic Health Center, is at the forefront of short-term post hospital rehabilitation and long-term specialty care. Our carefully chosen skilled team of doctors, nurses and therapists are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most effective care for our patients. We’re constantly raising our standards in quality, care and innovation so we can provide the absolute best for our residents.

Our Patients Love Us

This is a Loving, caring, home setting for your loved ones. Your loved ones is our family too.

Tammy Petrick Cribbs

A kind and caring community within the community of River Falls.

Cari Williamson

It’s pretty snazzy. Lots of activities to do!

Moyra Laurana
Excellence in Caring

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Our staff at Kinnic Healthcare is ready for you.
Reach out to us at anytime to learn more about our facility.

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